Thursday, January 20, 2011

On the Go

Hey all!  Writing this post from Panera.  What's better than a random day off of work, treating yourself to a meal out, and getting caught up on internet stuff?  Nothing, that's what. =)  I decided to come to Panera, since this week at Weight Watchers we discussed eating out.  Trying to eat out on WW can be difficult, especially if you're used to eating whatever you want or see that looks good.  Let's face it: Most restaurants are not in the business to keep you healthy.  They're trying to entice you to eat and eat a lot.
I've never been much of the type to eat out, but when I did I would go for it!  It was always considered a treat, so I would eat whatever I felt like.  Now, trying to eat out and do that sensibly can be hard.  One thing that has helped me since starting WW has been to figure out what I'm going to eat beforehand.  I'll check the Dining Out Companion or check on-line.  I pick out a few things that look good that will allow me to stay within my points and go with that list in mind.  Panera probably makes that the easiest with their Pick 2 option, but there are many hidden traps if you haven't researched (like the Sierra Turkey Sandwich...crazy!).  Today I got my usual: Vegetarian Black Bean soup with 1/2 Smoked Turkey Breast sandwich.  Heaven!
Learning to eat out on plan can be a difficult and stressful experience, but if you take a few moments of your time to research and pre-plan it can be done.  Living on plan doesn't have to translate into you being a hermit, sitting and eating at home.  Get out!  Enjoy life! =)

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